How To Adjust Aperture & Shutter Speed On Canon EOS Cameras?

There are different aspects of a Canon EOS camera which are crucial to being aware of before proceeding with its use. Adjusting shutter speed and aperture are one of these important things to understand while using a digital SLR camera. It is vital to have a clear conception to work with the aperture radius and shutter speed of the lens. A professional photographer should know where a larger lens aperture and slower shutter speed is required. Similarly, he must know where to use a smaller aperture and faster shutter speed. To understand the process to adjust aperture and shutter speed canon EOS, novice or amateur photographers should refer to the following guiding steps.

Aperture Settings on Canon EOS Cameras

Camera Modes to Adjust Aperture and Shutter Speed Canon EOS

You have to remember that not all camera modes allow users to adjust aperture and shutter speed Canon EOS. If you have a Canon EOS camera, you will find different camera modes on your device. These camera modes can be distinguished into three categories. The categories in order are namely – Manual Mode, Semi-Manual Mode, and Automatic Mode. To go to manual mode, you need to go to ‘M’ mode. At this mode, EOS users can adjust both the shutter speed and aperture radius. Under semi-manual mode category, you have two options. One is shutter priority mode, while the other option is aperture priority mode.

With shutter priority mode, you can only change shutter speed of the camera, while aperture will get changed automatically. In the aperture priority mode, you can change aperture, but shutter gets adjusted by your camera automatically. Finally, in the auto mode, you are not allowed to adjust aperture and shutter speed Canon EOS. Automatic mode implies a complete adjustment of shutter speed and aperture automatically. You do not have to make any adjustments or changes to shutter speed or aperture size if you are operating your camera in the auto mode.

Current Exposure Setting

Before you start the process to adjust aperture and shutter speed Canon EOS, you need to check the current exposure settings. To check current exposure settings, press shutter halfway. Now, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Pressing half shutter will help the exposure meter to come to life.
  • You can view present shutter speed and aperture settings at the viewfinder or on the LCD of your EOS camera.
  • To browse the options at the camera settings interface of your LCD, you can use ‘Q’ button on your camera.
  • Go to the shutter speed settings to change shutter speed and then press Q again to move to the aperture settings.
  • After changing the settings, you can now press the shutter to click photos. You need to continue the process of changing aperture and shutter speed of your camera as per requirements.

Shutter Speed Canon EOS

Tips to adjust aperture and shutter speed Canon EOS

In order to adjust aperture and shutter speed Canon EOS, you need to keep a few things in mind. If you are planning to shoot by holding the camera in your hand, keep the shutter speed a little high. Low shutter speed will bring shaky effects in your photos. If you are using a tripod, you can go for a lower shutter speed as per your requirement. Sometimes, aperture value blinks on the camera’s LCD. This means the camera cannot find enough light on the focused object. In such a case, you need to lower down shutter speed so that better photographic results can be achieved.

Ranges to adjust aperture and shutter speed Canon EOS

The range to adjust aperture and shutter speed Canon EOS depends on the type of lens you are using. For example, if you are using an 18-135 MM lens, aperture value will vary from f/3.5 to f/22. Shutter speed value does not vary with lenses. The lowest shutter speed is often referred as the bulb mode.

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