Canon EOS 1D S Mark III Review

As the manufacturer of various electronic equipment, Canon has earned significant recognition. The company is known for producing some of the most exceptional digital cameras and various other electronics devices. In spite of producing a range of devices, Canon would always be remembered for the contribution of manufacturing world’s finest ranges of digital SLR cameras. For the professional photographers, Canon has many products in display. If you are seeking something at a modest budget, you can go for Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III. This camera has been launched a few years back. However, it is still in demand in the marketplace due to its excellent features.

Canon EOS 1D S Mark III Body Only

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III is an excellent digital SLR camera to be used for professional photo shooting purposes. Those, who have a knack for photography and aspire to become a professional photographer in future, can definitely opt for this device. This model of camera is the perfect successor to EOS 1Ds Mark II. With the new version, new features have been added to this device. This 20-megapixel camera is anticipated to provide crisp and clean images. There are a few similarities of this camera with its previous version. On the other hand, some dissimilarities are also there. The following section of this write-up reviews various functional and technical aspects of the camera.

What’s new in Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III?

This newly launched camera is six ounces lighter than the previous Mark II model. However, built quality is still genuinely compact, solid and weather sealed. Here are some other newly added features of this product.

  • Highlight Rendition: This is a fresh concept that can be exclusively availed with Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III. The new highlight processing facility will provide you better control over the photographs. Most of the digital cameras cannot handle highlights properly. As highlight is not controlled, the whole photograph gets over exposed. With this newly added feature, users can control highlights to a great extent. As a result, the problem of overexposure can be neutralized meticulously.
  • 2500K White Balance: The white balance presets have been increased with this camera from Canon. It comes with better white balance level. You have more freedom to experiment with different white balance modes.

Canon EOS 1D S Mark III

  • High-End AF System: Experts have often criticized AF controls and settings of Canon quite often. Autofocus settings options of Nikon cameras are better than the cameras of Canon. With this newly launched product, Canon has made an effort to compete with Nikon neck and neck in this matter.
  • 4 FPS and 5 FPS: The older versions of canon camera used to offer 4 frames per second, while this new version allows clicking 5 frames per second. To be honest, this is not an impressive specification for the sports photographers in any way. They need devices that feature more frame rates per second.

Body and Design

The outlook of this camera will surely clinch your attention. Canon has again lived up to its reputation with the design and built quality of this product. It looks posh and it gives a firm grip to the hand. The device has been made a little lighter in terms of weight than its previous versions. As a result, it becomes easier to hold the camera. Though, the difference in weight is marginal. Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III looks good, but not unique. This is the only drawback of this device. A lot of functional changes have been done with this new product. But, the look remains unchanged. The design is simply orthodox, and it is identical with Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II. Only a few marginal changes can be noted. Apart from those, everything is identical.

Front of the Canon EOS 1D S Mark III


Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III comes with a higher resolution than the previous versions. It features 21 megapixels resolution, while the older versions feature up to16 megapixels. With a higher resolution, it is expected that better clarity and sharpness can be achieved for the images. However, megapixel is not the only determinant factor for good photography in all cases. High resolution will definitely allow you to crop or zoom the images with ease. But, with older versions, the same thing could have been done with precision. Nikon has a few professional level cameras which feature lower resolution than this product. However, they generally provide better picture clarity than this camera from Canon. Autofocus settings can be anticipated as the reasons behind this.

White Balance

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III offers better control over white balance settings in comparison to the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II. White balance is a key factor for clicking good images. Good photographers never deny the importance of white balance, and they generally do not believe in using the auto white balance mode. According to the lighting conditions or situations, you can easily browse different white balance settings.
Preset white balance settings can be used for adding better lighting effects to the photos. Most importantly, you can manually change the white balance level with this camera without facing any hassles. Press Q button, and you will be directed to a page where plenty of options for changing camera modes are available. Select the white balance option from the list and alter white balance settings as per your wish.

Sensor and ISO

Promo of the Canon EOS 1D S Mark III

When we go for purchasing an updated camera or newly launched camera, the first thing we note is the resolution. Now, resolution or megapixel is not as important as checking image sensor and understanding the ISO settings of the camera. This updated model of camera features a better image sensor, which commits more clarity and crispness. It gives you freedom to use ISO up to 3200. With better quality image sensor, you will definitely observe improvements in your night photography. Shooting in a low light condition is really simple and convenient with this camera. You can also change ISO settings to get better images in low lights. Significantly, there will be minimal grains or noise on your images. This is surely an improvement that you will notice with Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.

File Formats

This camera offers three file formats for saving the photographs. The first format is JPEG, which may provide you a little dull outcome. The second format is raw and the third format is s-raw. The third format is a new introduction with this camera by Canon. So, what is s-raw file format all about? It is basically the reduced resolution of raw file format. It is not as flat as JPEG, but it is also not as crisp as raw file formats. S-raw format generally signifies 5 megapixels reduction in resolution than raw file format. Professional photographers may not suitably work with the s-raw format, as it lowers down the file size significantly. The image turns even poorer than JPEG format files in reality.


Concluding everything, we can say that Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III is a decent product from Canon. Though it was launched a few years earlier, it has a lot of updated features. This is the reason why the product is still in demand at the marketplace. Professionals can definitely purchase this affordable and feature rich device for better photography.