Canon EOS 1D X Side View

Canon EOS 1D X Review

Canon as an electronics device manufacturing brand does not need any introduction. It takes the pride of manufacturing different kinds of electronics and digital devices. However, the major recognition for this company has come through its finest ranges of DSLR cameras. Canon EOS 1D X is the latest addition to the company’s professional range of DSLR cameras. The device belongs to 1D series of the camera from Canon, featuring high resolution and studio focused 1 D X range. This new model of camera has come up with some unique as well as advanced features. Take a look on the features in this review article.

Canon EOS 1D X Side View


The biggest change in specification for EOS 1D X is its new sensor that comes with 18 MP full frame CMOS chip which is capable of shooting at least 12 frames per second. This new product also comes with a better or more sophisticated metering sensor. With these technological enhancements, the device is expected to perform better than other available DSLR cameras from Canon. It commits snapping sharp as well as crisp photographs. At the same time, it gives the desired clarity to the photos.

Major Drawbacks

Before delving deeper with the specifications and functional aspects of Canon EOS 1D X, we need to check the major drawbacks of this camera. The intention is to draw a comparison between this product and similar products from other manufacturers. So, here is a quick guide to major shortcomings of this camera for you:

  • No zoom in the histogram: It is a bad news for the buyers, as this product does not feature zoom in the histogram. As you zoom, histogram goes away making the situation even worse. With Nikon cameras, users can already avail this feature. So, Canon users must be a little disappointed in this aspect.
  • Auto selected slowest shutter speed in auto ISO cannot be shifted: The good thing is that Canon 1D X has added features to select lowest shutter speeds depending upon the focal lengths. However, the drawback is that you cannot shift the selected shutter speeds up or down. The feature is available with Nikon cameras.
  • Absence of automatic folder creation: While Nikon and other few cameras offer automatic folder creation facility, Cannon has failed to deliver this feature till now. With this new product from Canon, disappointment seems to be continued.
  • No built-in GPS: Canon EOS 1D X does not come with a built-in GPS, and many users would love it. Though other cameras offer this feature, but most of the professional photographers never loved this feature.
  • No facility for highlight and shadow optimization: While all Nikon professional digital SLR cameras offer highlight and shadow optimization technique, Canon EOS 1D X surprisingly does not include this feature.


Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

A big change in autofocus of Canon EOS 1D X has been noted. Autofocus settings are made simpler in comparison with the previous models. It offers custom settings, along with six different presets for different shooting conditions. These presets can be used or adjusted according to the tracking sensitivity. The complexity with the camera focus in comparison to the previous models of Canon has been discussed quite commonly by the experts. The majority of them concluded as well as opined that Canon should introduce simpler autofocus settings. From this aspect Canon EOS 1D X has done an extremely good job.
In addition to this thing, Canon EOS 1D X also features an entirely different or new set of AF arrangement. Canon EOS series was launched back in 1998 and since then autofocus arrangement remained unchanged. For the first time, Canon has changed the orthodox autofocus arrangement and now it has adopted a completely contemporary system. This new autofocus arrangement exhibits 61-point AF sensor with 21 cross type AF points at the center. The cross type AF points are seamlessly compatible with the lenses that come with maximum aperture.


Canon EOS 1D X Front View

When we opt for purchasing a new version of a camera, we generally check the improvements on sensors. Better sensor means more crisp photographs and more freedom in night photography. The most important part of a camera is undoubtedly the sensor. The new Canon EOS 1D X has definitely shown some improvements in this aspect to please the buyers. The main concern for the buyers is the noise level. If you click a few photos in low light or indoor light conditions, you will find that 1DS is certainly better than 1D Mk IV or 1DS III. The pixel size is larger, and there is no grain in low light conditions. When you will expand the ISO level, you may experience few grains, but they are negligible with this product.
So, in terms of image quality, this product is a little-improved version than existing products of Canon. Noise or grain would not make your photograph dull for sure if you are operating in low light conditions. If you are looking for crisp and clear images, you can definitely have your trust on the exceptional sensor quality of Canon EOS 1D X.

The Body

Canon EOS 1D X Side View

Till now, we have discussed the technical aspects of the camera. Now, it is the time to have a look at the outer look of the device. The design is contemporary and adorable. Any aspiring and veteran photographer would love to flaunt style with this camera. The built quality is impressive. However, there is nothing unique or special with the outer design of the camera.
It is quite traditional or identical like the old models of Canon, except a few changes in placement of certain camera operating units. The positive side is the grip, which is once again good with all other cameras from Canon. The camera also comes with direct view button ‘Q’. Clicking on this button will drive you to the settings menu, where you can change camera settings before clicking a photograph. Though, the ‘Q’ button in nothing new for the users. It comes with all other cameras from Canon. It can be said as a signature feature of Canon cameras.

Processing Power

With this new product, camera processing has received some sorts of refreshment. It comes with dual Digic 5+ processors, which is 17 times faster than Digic 4S of the existing cameras from Canon. The metering sensor is also good and it gives satisfactory results. The high processing power of the camera allows users to adopt wider ranges of lens corrections. In addition to this, the camera will provide automatic correction of geometric distortions. The ISO range of this camera is remarkable, and that is due to the high processing power of the device. It comes with expandable ISO up to 51,200.

Shutter Speed

A faster sensor and greater processing power of this camera are remarkable. Due to these features, the speed of shutter has also improved significantly. It features new carbon fiber shutter and revised mirror mechanism for the users. The speed allows 12 frames per second for continuous shooting. Overall, the speed is more than satisfactory.
At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that Canon EOS 1D X is a wonderful device that comes with unique features in the offering. For professional photography, this new and updated camera would be a perfect purchase for the buyers.