How to Take Stunning Pictures Featuring the Canon EOS 1300D

Photography may be harbored as a passion in the hearts of many and some may even manage to get hold of a DSLR camera, considered to be the photography expert, to hone their passion. But if you are considering it a piece of cake to manage the efforts required in photography with the help of a DSLR camera, then you are wrong. As a rescue option, the latest Canon EOS 1300D has been designed especially for the amateurs, yet, there are still some points that need to be kept in mind while trying to shoot with the help of this camera.



There is a range of canon photography tutorials across the internet that will help in giving you the tips and tricks to be used with the new Canon EOS 1300D camera. Here are a few vital points summarized that may act as great tips for your Canon EOS camera.

  • First and foremost, it is advisable to always format the memory card before proceeding for a shot or a snap so that all the previous images are wiped out from the card allowing maximum space for the fresh images. It is better to use the ‘low-level format’ option that will help in erasing all the ‘hidden files’ as well because these take up unnecessary space on the memory card.
  • Another important highlight of the Canon photography tutorials is the selection of the appropriate AF point which is very important for taking snaps or shooting with any DSLR camera like Canon EOS 1300D. If you click on the ‘grid’ button, the camera will show all the possible AF points and choose an AF point automatically, based on the proximity of the photographer to the object. But this will not always take into account the main subject and therefore, it is always good to select AF points manually by scrolling across these with the main dial.
  • According to some canon photography tutorials online, setting up the raw image quality along with the correct LCD brightness is very crucial in order to have the perfect picture or an excellent video, whichever is applicable. There are basically two main types of image qualities, namely, the raw and JPEG formats. While the raw format is advisable for taking superior quality snaps or shots as this is of high quality. But this takes a longer time to be saved in the memory card and also not many photographs can be saved at once. While for swift photo shoots, where the requirement is huge, it is better to go for JPEG format as it is of moderate quality and can be squeezed into the memory card very easily and also a number of photos can be saved at a time.


  • Using the AF confirmation ensures a sharper image because simply half clicking on the shutter, the focus confirmation button keeps blinking on the viewfinder and as soon as the focus is set, the light continues to remain on. Even if the image is a bit blurred, it can be adjusted with the help of the eyepiece dioptre that lies behind the rubber eye cup.
  • Added to these Canon photography tutorials, some other great tips for your Canon EOS camera are appropriate battery extension by judicious selection of focuses, changing lenses at regular intervals for protecting the sensor, going for totally automatic A+ modes, employing no flash photography, handheld night scene, HDR backlight control, adequate night control mechanisms, program shifts and creative auto modes, in order to become an expert in photography.

With these smart Canon photography tutorials, one can have some pleasurable experiences with photography. On the other hand, this can be a learning process towards a full-fledged serious photography too.

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