Tips For Shooting Videos With The New Canon EOS 1300D

The advent of DSLR camera had indeed created an era of revolution in the domain of photography and with each passing day, this transformation is getting even better. There was a time when DSLR was confined only to the dreams of the passionate photographers as they had to manage with ordinary cameras. This was due to the cost factor as well as an incomplete understanding of handling a DSLR.

However, with the passage of time, DSLR photography technologies have evolved and today, there are specialized cameras for the newcomers of photography. These cameras allow them to easily understand the technicalities of photography and also enjoy their dreams within their budget. Canon EOS 1300D is one such example through which one cannot only capture magnificent pictures but also shoot video on Canon EOS 1300D. However, there are a few handy tricks that will always guide an amateur photographer to shoot the best videos with the help of Canon EOS 1300D.

Canon EOS Video Shooting

So, here are the 5 tips to shoot video on Canon EOS camera in great quality in the first go itself:

It is advisable to use some external audio while you shoot video on Canon EOS 1300D. This is because the built-in Canon T2i is simply a mono and hence, it is better to look out for some other options such as Rode Videomic that costs around $149. In such an affordable price, it proves an excellent audio aid, especially, for the on the street shoots.

Apart from this, there are other audio options as well and these include the audio technical transmitter and lavalier mic (ATR 288W) and a Zoom H4n that will indeed be extremely valuable for shooting the real-life projects.

Another very crucial tactic in order to shoot video on Canon EOS 1300D is the focusing part. In fact, this may be a tricky issue for the beginners who are till now conversed with handling camcorders which already have that autofocusing ability.

However, in DSLR, the focusing has to be done manually by adjusting the desired subject within the frame. Here you have to hold the shutter half down while refocusing at the same time and shoot the video on move. This is perfect for static videos such as sit-down interviews where one needs to focus once and shoot till the end. While shooting on the streets may be a bit tougher and has to be done by wisely choosing the proper type of lens as well as focus.

One very vital point about shooting videos with Canon EOS 1300D, especially for a newbie is to learn by manually adjusting everything. This starts from manually adjusting the shutter speed, ISO aperture, focus, visuals, audio etc. so that the device does not auto adjust and create undesirable ‘bumps’ during the video. Moreover, by doing the manual handling one can gradually become a pro while learning to shoot video on Canon EOS 1300D.

Canon EOS 1300D

Next, comes another important part of video shooting which is stabilization. Usually, for this purpose, it is better to go for a tripod while doing an interview shoot or any other static shoot. On the other hand, monopods are good in order to shoot the run-and-gun videos that can also be accompanied with a steady cam sometimes.

Above all, one must strictly have sufficient stock of batteries, SDHC memory cards and other relevant props that are necessary to keep the shoot going without halts. It is not always required to spend too many bucks on buying originals because the China-made ones also give an optimum service nowadays.

With these few tips, one can simply start moving forward for the first video shoot which is sure to deliver wonderful results.

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