Canon EOS Camera Range

Why Choose Canon EOS Cameras?

Canon EOS cameras have been the favorite of a number of people who take photography a bit seriously. Clicking quality pictures is a serious business for many who consider photography more than just a time pass. As the new and efficient models of Canon have been introduced over the years, buying a camera has come within the reach of most of the photographers with a significant dip in prices. There is a number of amateur as well as professional photographers who have been using the Canon EOS cameras for years.

Canon EOS Camera Range

To lend you a better insight, we have listed some compelling points in support of the Canon EOS cameras:

  • The build quality is very high.
  • Capable of delivering incredible pictures every time.
  • User-friendly with a menu system enabling the user to navigate to the desired feature.
  • Huge range of accessories available – suitable for photographers of every level and type.
  • Excellent customer support system from Canon.
  • A variety of models to select the best.

Canon EOS cameras let you click a wide range of pictures – all with a high-quality. Street, sports, portraiture, landscape, travel or wildlife, whatever your niche is, you can click remarkable pictures with this very versatile series. The string of valuable features helps create perfect images, allowing the users to put their skills to the best use. But when you are looking for perfection, there is no way that all the features required for different genres of photography can be available in a single camera model. There is no one-size-fits-all model available and the users need to explore and make an informed decision about the model that would fit their needs the best.

Canon EOS 60D

If you are a Beginner

Those who are looking to try their hands on photography with their own camera for the first time can find a satisfying result within the range of the Canon EOS cameras. A model from this camera series does not burden their pockets and help them make the right investment. You can find a camera in this series which is easy to use for a beginner and comes with all the functionalities that an amateur photographer would want. With the interchangeable lens, these entry level cameras are also perfect for traveling as well as learning. The layout of these cameras is quite simple and you will get impressed with the intuitive approach. The easy handling of the control system helps to learn the basics of photography. As you move up the price ladder, you can find more sophisticated features which are added to meet the needs of professional photographers.

For Professional Photographers

As a brand for manufacturing cameras, Canon has clinched significant reputation. It is one of the most reputed brands that come with professional ranges of cameras. Professional photographers often rely upon the products from Canon for the seamlessly built quality and exceptional performance of the cameras and related accessories. These cameras are durable, providing satisfactory results for the photographers. Canon has different ranges of cameras. Canon EOS cameras are suitable for the purpose of professional photography. The company comes with products like Canon EOS Mark III 5D, EOS 1D X, etc. For the professional users while for the beginners it has products like Canon EOS 700D, EOS 1200D and more.

Excellent Night Photography

Canon Night PhotographyNight photography or low light photography is always challenging. With all the advanced DSLR cameras, users have the convenience of clicking good snaps at night time. However, when it comes to low light or night photography with a beginner level DSLR camera, Canon EOS cameras are chosen over the other products. If you compare EOS 1200D and Nikon D3300, you will definitely find 1200D way better for the purpose of low light photography. The models of the beginner level Canon EOS cameras come with a good ISO support and high-quality sensor. Due to this reason, it often gets better to shoot with EOS camera models. So, as an amateur photographer, if you are seeking a good camera for excellent night shooting or low light shooting support, you should opt for purchasing Canon EOS 1200D or other entry-level EOS cameras.

Low Cost for Lenses

Besides a good camera, users also need good lenses for quality photography results. Thus, as a photographer, you need to make an investment on purchasing good quality lenses. The lens should be chosen as per the needs of photography. For example, if you love wildlife photography, it is always good to have a zoom lens, preferably 70-300 MM zoom lens. Alternatively, there are other options as well for purchasing zoom lenses. If you love clicking portraits, then a portrait lens should be your choice. For abstract photography or different angles, one can purchase fish eye lenses. The benefit of choosing a model from the Canon EOS cameras is that you can get lenses at easily affordable prices. On the other hand, Nikon lenses are expensive, making this a prominent drawback of purchasing Nikon cameras. Pentax, Sony, and other manufacturers feature limited availability of lenses and they are expensive as well.

Easy Availability of Accessories

Canon Camera Accessories

Buying a camera model from the range of the Canon EOS cameras has many benefits. One of the prominent advantages is that you can get accessories for your camera easily available in the market. While on the other hand, it is quite a hectic job to find accessories for cameras from Pentax, Sony, etc. If you do not get certain accessories of Canon at the local stores, you can order the same online.

User-Friendly Features

User-friendliness should be considered as one of the key factors for choosing the right camera. The series of the Canon EOS cameras was actually introduced to provide more seamlessness as well as user-friendliness to the users. For beginners, it is a great opportunity to learn photography quickly, while for the professional photographers it can be quite interesting as well as effortless to shoot with EOS models of the Canon cameras. It is a challenge for the novice users to understand the manual mode of these cameras. To explore the manual mode, user-friendly interface is required. Canon EOS series has successfully created seamless user-interface for the beginners. Both amateur and professional photographers can find EOS digital SLR cameras to be quite helpful.

Good Resale Value

Purchasing a camera is similar to making an investment. Those who are extremely passionate about photography should purchase a Canon camera to pursue their passion with a right support. Now, before buying an expensive camera, a few things need to be taken into consideration. Camera manufacturing industry is dynamic. With the advent of time, new as well as more advanced devices are going to be launched. That is why you need to buy a camera that features good resale value. If your camera has resale value, you can plan to sell it anytime to purchase a better or more advanced model. Since Canon is a reputed brand, products from this manufacturer are rated as reliable for high resale value. Canon EOS cameras are durable and stay in perfect working condition even after a long time.
So, if you are planning to buy a camera, then looking among the Canon EOS cameras can be a rewarding choice. Canon cameras have almost all the features that you may dream about and the varied range of models available in the market help you in choosing the best as per your choice and budget.